Third Times the Charm


Ah, spring is in the air again. The time for flowers, sunshine, and budding new romance. However, it can also be time for a change in life. When you spend a large amount of time with someone you begin to pick out flaws, even in those you care about. Having been cooped up in the house all winter is enough to make anyone a little anxious and tensions in relationships can run high. Sometimes winter can be the back breaking straw in a married relationship.

When you’re married, life seems pretty grand. No matter what happens, you always have that extra person to fall back on. Through the hard times and the good you have each other for support. It’s due to this aspect of most relationships that can make divorce tricky, and often ugly. Two lives have been fused into one. With that comes mortgages, joint bank accounts, car payments, and perhaps the saddest aspect to include, children.

When your life becomes completely tangled up someone else the way marriage tends to make it, then it might be time to consult a divorce attorney or a divorce lawyer. Sometimes the result of a divorce can create a significant amount of tension between the formerly happy couple. Divorce attorneys specialize in mediating a civil, if not peaceful separation of lives and assets.

How to Find a Divorce Lawyer

Fortunately, finding a divorce lawyer isn’t too difficult as divorce seems to be a more common occurrence these days. Checking the phone book or the internet is an easy way to find local divorce lawyers who are ready to help champion your cause. Many law firms also specialize in various types cases. So if you happen to be in consult with a law firm already, it can advantageous to ask if they have any recommendations.

What’s the Cost of a Divorce Lawyer?

Prices for divorce lawyers can vary from one lawyer to the next. Many lawyers are often willing to set up a schedule for repayment. Making payments or installments can help break apart the cost so it’s not so staggering up front. Ultimately, the cost ends up being what your willing to pay. Higher end lawyers might have a better grasp of your states divorce laws but comes with a bigger price tag. A cheap divorce lawyer can save you money up front but might not be the best choice should things get ugly.

While we can always hope that “I do,” never becomes “I don’t,” somethings are inevitable. While it’s always best to broker a peaceful separation, sometimes you need a little intervention. With emotions running rampant, having someone with a clear head to help you make sense of things might be just what you need. When it’s all said and done, take a walk in the fresh spring air and remember there’s always next time.


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